Scheepjes Blocking Board (Limited Edition)

Scheepjes Blocking Board (Limited Edition)
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Scheepjes Blocking Board (Limited Edition)

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Limited Edition or not, the question is still - To block or not to block? Knitters and crocheters often have strong opinions on the subject, but if you decide to block your Granny Squares, then this Scheepjes Blocking Board – "grannyblokspanner" in Dutch - is ideal. The board measures 30cm square and is 2.54cm in thickness. It has deep metal-threaded 1.5cm sockets into which you screw as many of the plastic coated steel pins as required to make squares, rectangles, triangles octagons etc. The advantage of wet blocking means that your granny squares will dry to a regular size with straight edges, which makes assembling your project easier and gives a more professional appearance to the end result.


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